These Boots are made for walking

Today I´ve found the perfect "hiking-boots". Well, actually I mean ankleboots inspired by hiking shoes but anyways . . . I HAVE TO have them! The brand is Liebeskind Berlin and I think they´re so great for everyday, especially when we have this not-winter-anymore-but-also-not-spring-yet-weather! What do you think?

Ich habe heute die perfekten "Wanderstiefel" gefunden. Also besser gesagt: Ankleboots, die von Wanderschuhen inspiriert sind! Ich MUSS sie haben . . . sie sind von Liebeskind Berlin und ich finde sie so toll für jeden Tag, gerade bei so komischen nicht-mehr-Winter-und-noch-nicht-Frühling-Wetter!Wie gefallen sie euch?



2 Lovely Comments:

  1. They are great, love this style! And I think the big plus is that they will be always look good, no matter you wear dresses or jeans.

  2. my saying :) can´t find any contras so I really have to have them :)


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