V like Versace!

Whooohooo, today was the day! When I came home there was already a wonderful, small purple parcel from H&M waiting for me . . . and finally I could hold MY Versace earrings in hands. My eyes twinkled almost as much as the jewellery itself then. I think my first golden jewellery is exceptionally pretty and the small butterfly-applications add a nice kitschy edge to this piece of perfection :)

Aaaaahhhh, heute war es soweit! Zu Hause erwartete mich ein wunderhübsches, lila Päckchen von H&M . . . und endlich konnte ich MEINE Versace-Creolen in Händen halten. Meine Augen haben beim Anblick der Schmuckstücke fast so sehr gefunkelt wie die Ohrringe selbst. Ich finde meinen ersten goldfarbenen Schmuck besonders schön und die kleinen Schmetterlings-Applikationen fügen den gewissen Kitsch hinzu :)



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  1. So lovely! And they remind me of warm sunny days and chiffon dresses :)

  2. awww,yes don´t they, but i gotta admit they´re kinda heavy when I first tried them on :D

  3. But they look so weightless, I'd never have thought they're heavy))

  4. oh, they are...wouldn´t have thought it myself...gotta be careful that my earlobes don´t get longer *lol*

  5. Well, in some countries long eyelobes is a sign of beauty so don't worry much *lol* :)

  6. In that case I´ll wear them all the time from now on :D

  7. that´s nice! and the box is awesome=)



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