Style of an ELLE-Covergirl

I just wanted to share this magnificent look from this month Elle UK with you. I think Ashley Olsen looks so innocent and fairy-like in this marvellous Dolce&Gabbana jewel dress. Absolutely lovin´ it!

Ich wollte nur mal eben diesen atemberaubenden Look vom aktuellen Elle UK Cover mit euch teilen. Ich finde Ashley Olsen sieht hier einfach so unschuldig bezaubernd und elfenhaft aus in dem wunderschönen mit Edelsteinen verzierten Dolce&Gabbana Kleid. Ich bin absolut verliebt!



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  1. she is so beautiful! I'm jealous lol

  2. beautiful cover! she is indeed so beautiful!!!

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  4. I will forever be an MK and Ashley fan!! Used to have all of their videos when I was a kid :D Ashley looks stunning here and that jeweled dress is GORGEOUS! Much better than that frumpy boho mess she was going though.

    xo Rachel

  5. She looks amazing, love her style so much!


  6. Beautiful cover !!

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  7. It's a great cover. Ashley Olsen is very pretty and i love her style.
    She looks great in this photo.

  8. Lovely post, Liz. I love her dress!

  9. When I was a child, I was a big fan of Olsen twins, especially Ashley))
    She looks lovely but too thin, do you think so?
    And her dress is very beautiful!


    1. When I was a child I also watched every movie with them and read every magazine article about them :) Yeah, unfortunately they both always seemed to have weight issues though I used to think Ashley was the more responsible and sensible person...well, but recently I haven´t heard that she has any problems. hope she will stay healthy cause I think she is so beautiful!

      Kisses, Lizzy

    2. I hope so!
      By the way, what was your favourite movie?)

    3. Actually, I liked every one of their movies but if I have to pick I´d say "Winning London" was so cute (also, I liked them most when they were aged around 14 or 15).


    4. Do you believe - it was my the most favourite one too lol!
      And I also most of all love them at that age, there were really cute :)

    5. Each and everytime we find new similarities :)

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  11. Her dress is just so gorgeous!

    xo Jennifer


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