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When I worked on a warming and comfy outfit for my last post I actually forgot the probably most important thing for this instance . . . a fluffy coat. But I don´t wanne leave an outfit incomplete for long and so I gathered up these cozy exemplars :) Which one is your favourite?

Bei meinem letzten Post habe ich bei der Outfit-Zusammenstellung doch tatsächlich das Wichtigste vergessen . . . schließlich sollte es ja ein wunderschön wärmenden Mix ergeben und ich lasse doch tatsächlich den Mantel weg! Das soll geändert werden und darum habe ich mir mal ein paar knuddelige Modelle ausgesucht :) Was trifft euren Geschmack?



2 Lovely Comments:

  1. i love the one by H&M and the one by See by Chloe!
    By the way, Chloe is one of my the most favourite brands. Hope one day I'll get some things from them :)

  2. I´m getting the sense that u somehow look into my mind :D these are my favourites, too and especially the see by chloe coat (that´s why I put it in the middle *lol*)...but i thought some other examples in more neutral and not so dirt-magnetic colours would b good as well :)
    Well, and I enthusiastically put all my change in a small money-saving-pig at the end of every maybe I can afford something lovely from Chloe someday from these savings,hehe! Would b too nice, wouldn´t it!? :)


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